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Lorna A. Walker, Ph.D., BCHN®

Holistic Nutrition Professional

Client Reviews

I am very grateful to Dr. Walker for her knowledge in the nutrition field and her valuable understanding in the medical field. She helped me when no one could figure out what was wrong with me. She helped me and guided me so that I may have the best quality of life. I am full of energy now and have a positive outlook on life. She has helped every one that came to her. We are blessed to have found her.

- Maria N., San Francisco CA

I had been searching for someone that could help me. I needed someone that would understand my medical situation and also someone who was a nutrition professional.

I needed a healthy eating plan that eliminated foods with estrogen and foods that were high in oxalates, but I also needed a diet that was heart healthy, weight friendly and lactose free. Dr Walker put the pieces of the puzzle together. She explains, she advises, and she is always “on call” via an email. Dr. Walker doesn’t sell a line of vitamins or herbs. Instead, she recommends supplements you can either buy online or at your local health food store. She is  highly educated, extremely informative, and friendly. Her work is her passion. Helping people is what Dr. Walker is about.

-Linda Williams, Prescott AZ

There is so much conflicting information available online due to the complexities of digestive issues potentially involving genetics, specific food intolerances, and the foods needed to restore digestive health. Based upon my specific test results and symptoms, Dr. Lorna has been valuable in helping me identify the top two issues I needed to address. She has also helped me find lower cost supplements, which has saved over $100 each month. I appreciate her guidance and knowledge of digestion.

Brian S., Nampa ID

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